Mellwood car donation

Mellwood help disable people

Mellwood car donation is nonprofit organization that creating jobs and opportunities to disable people. Melwood want toimprove their live. Mellwood have a vision, the want to build A world where people with disabilities are fully included and theirmission are to creating job for disable people, so they can increase their quality of life. Melwood very commitment to people,Their first priority is to assist disable people so they can create meaningful lives of their own choosing. Melwood will provide them with skill and resources they need. Melwood are model organization that provide programs and service with certification standards.

Melwood was build in 1963, it's began when a small group of parent and supporters want to teach plant care to the young adultwho was untrainable and unemployable.  Then this small group got donation from Andrew Air Force Base. A Seven acres ofundeveloped land has became their first donation. Now their organization has become big organization with budget more than $5million including more than 1000 people with disabilities who have working in around 70 contract sites in Washington region.

In Melwood sites, they said that now Melwood has support more than 2,400 disable people. They are few types of disability in their community.
  • Neurological types of disability - Melwood has more than 13 percent of people with neurological disabilities in their community.Such as, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, tourette syndrome, dementia, cerebral palsy, multiple sceloris and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Developmental types of disability - More than 50% of people that served by Melwood have developmental types of disability, such as william syndrome, down syndrome, autism, Prader-willi syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, intellectual disability, asperger syndrome.
  • Sensory types of disability - Such as deafness, hearing impairment, blindness.
  • Physical types of disability - such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, physical impairments.
  • Mental health

Mellwood accept car donation

Melwood customer service representative (1-877-MELWOOD (1-877-635-9663)) Melwood customer service representative will assist you to towing or pickup your car donation for free then they will update the process of your car donation. Don't forget to  complete the original vehicles title.

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