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Charitywatch – from their survey about the charities, they have creating a list for top rated charities. Approximately 600 charities that Chartitywatch currently been rated. All of the charities that has been survey was generally spend more than 75% of their budget for the program and spend $25 or less to raise $100 for public support.
600 the charities that has been survey are divided into a rank. Charity that in the top rated list of charities are usually in B+ to A+ Rank. 

Top Rated List Charities

  • AIDS    
  • CANCER    
  • DISABLED    

The Story of Football for Charity

The Football Power

football for charity to help homeless
Football has become one of the most popular sport in the World. Football also can move people heart that's way lots of charity using football for their campaign. The Homeless World Cup are using football to motivation homeless people so they can improve their lives.

The Homeless World Cup or HWC was founded by Mel Young and Harald Schmied. They believed that football can change the lives of homeless people. This football for charity was first held in Graz in Austria. Today, this football for charity has work with 73 national partners that providing support and guidance not only in football but also management skills.

The Homeless World Cup has NIKE, FundaciĆ³n Telmex and UEFA as their global partners. The national partner of the WEC are come together and demonstrate football that has a power to change people. This football charity events also celebrates the year round work of the organization.

football charity events to help homelesshomeless world cup in mexico
football league charity

Big Mario with Big Heart

 Mario Jerrel williams born in january 31, 1985. His first debut of footbal at North Carolina State University. Mario was played with Houston Texans since 2006, then in 2011, Mario play in Buffalo bills and signed a six year contract that's worth up to $100 million. Mario recently donated five specially equipped chevrolet Camaros to the HPD Traffic Enforcement Division. These car donation are equipped with police package to go after a speeders.

Williams said that “It definitely means a lot to me to have this certificate,”. The mayor Annise Parker and the Police Chief Charles thank to Mario for his sport car donation.

The Super Mario Crusher

Super Mario are the name of Mario William Nickname although his looks like an aggressive person, the fact is mario are a family man. He entered the 2006 NFL draft as a junior is because his sister needed his support emotionally and financially.

The Humane Society Fight for Animal Cruelty

War between Animal Cruelty

The Humane Society in United States is the most effective organization who give protection to the animal. The Humane Society become the nation's largest organization because they have been backed by 11 million America People. The Humane Society provide advocating for better laws to help and protect animal, creating a campaign to reform industries, response to animal rescue and emergency situation, investigating cases of animal cruelty,  and give shelter and caring to the animal through their wildlife rehabilitation centers, shelter and clinic.

The Humane Society mission is to celebrating Animals and confronting cruelty. They working to reduce suffering animal and creating social change for animal by giving advocating for public policies, investigating cruelty and working together with the enforce existing laws, provide public education about animal issues, partner with corporation on behalf of animal friendly policies and conducting programs that will make more humane world.

Animal Rescue Team saved thousand animals

The humane Society has an animal rescue team (HSUS) that work together with the law enforcement to investigate about illegal animal cruelty. The Animal Rescue Team has rescued thousand of animal from animal fighting operations, puppy mills, and others situations where animals threaten. They also provide expert of animal rescue to response at natural disasters.

Help us to save animals from neglect and cruelty. Your Donation will give the animal better life.Your donation will provide full equipped for response team to rescue animal and give them better place.Your donation also will provide assistance to local communities and law enforcement so if there an emergency status, the can respond to a disasters or urgent cases about animal cruelty.


12,000 pets are been killed everyday in USA

Do you know each day in USA, there are 12,000 homeless pets  that will be euthanized. And each year, around 4,000 animals are euthanized in Lee County. That's way ARC or Animal Refuge Center wants to help these poors pets. ARC or Animal Refuge Center has a purpose to promoting the adoption of spayed or neutered pets into responsible homes, to give education to community and public awareness as to the needs and care of animals, provide a shelter and medical center to homeless pets, injured pet or abandoned, to give advocacy program on behalf of animals and pet owner in the community and the big point is to uphold the philosophy of non euthanasia of any healthy animals accepted to the shelter.

 This organization can't survive without your donation. Through people donation, ARC or Animal Refuge Center has cared and found homes for thousands of animals, their doing this since 20 years ago. The good things is if you had a car that you want to replace with the new one, but you don’t know how to get rid your old car, you can donate your car to this organization. with your car donation, you will save a thousand abandon or homeless animals. Image thousand smile from animal that you have helped.

Flashback to the history of Animal Refuge Center

In 1988, some group who care to the animal has same goals for creating positive solutions to pet. By starting on a small scale, ARC was success to vaccinating and worming pets at the most inexpensive clinics. Has the reputation grow, ARC begin to give educational and visited at public schools with programs on responsible pet ownership.

Mysterious Donation in Denmark

Mysterious donation made the police of Denmark confuse

Big Donations that worth up to $ 200,000 was left in a recycling box outside a clothing store. This clothing store are run by The Red Cross in Denmark.The cash was found in a garbage bag under a pile of donated clothes.

There is a short message left with the cash. "To the Denmark Red Cross, from strangers. Been saving [money] in 40 years, "the contents of the message. The clerk at the store charity is very grateful, but Denmark police asked to donors to reported at the law enforcement officials, so they could ensure that money had nothing to do with any crime.

"It's not every day we get the money that was found in a plastic bag in between pile of clothes, "said Birgit Dam, branch secretary  of the Red Cross in Tornved.

"(Message) in the white plastic bag, and it was in a  big black garbage bag with some clothes," he said.

Mellwood car donation

Mellwood help disable people

Mellwood car donation is nonprofit organization that creating jobs and opportunities to disable people. Melwood want toimprove their live. Mellwood have a vision, the want to build A world where people with disabilities are fully included and theirmission are to creating job for disable people, so they can increase their quality of life. Melwood very commitment to people,Their first priority is to assist disable people so they can create meaningful lives of their own choosing. Melwood will provide them with skill and resources they need. Melwood are model organization that provide programs and service with certification standards.

Melwood was build in 1963, it's began when a small group of parent and supporters want to teach plant care to the young adultwho was untrainable and unemployable.  Then this small group got donation from Andrew Air Force Base. A Seven acres ofundeveloped land has became their first donation. Now their organization has become big organization with budget more than $5million including more than 1000 people with disabilities who have working in around 70 contract sites in Washington region.

In Melwood sites, they said that now Melwood has support more than 2,400 disable people. They are few types of disability in their community.
  • Neurological types of disability - Melwood has more than 13 percent of people with neurological disabilities in their community.Such as, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, tourette syndrome, dementia, cerebral palsy, multiple sceloris and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Developmental types of disability - More than 50% of people that served by Melwood have developmental types of disability, such as william syndrome, down syndrome, autism, Prader-willi syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, intellectual disability, asperger syndrome.
  • Sensory types of disability - Such as deafness, hearing impairment, blindness.
  • Physical types of disability - such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, physical impairments.
  • Mental health

Mellwood accept car donation

Melwood customer service representative (1-877-MELWOOD (1-877-635-9663)) Melwood customer service representative will assist you to towing or pickup your car donation for free then they will update the process of your car donation. Don't forget to  complete the original vehicles title.

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