Donate your car right now in Madison, Wisconsin

You can Easily donate a car in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is the largest city in Wisconsin. Madison population is around 200,000 residents and one of the largest cities in Wisconsin. You can find many social non profit organizations in this city and some of this charity accept car donation and the others use third party brokers to accept car donation. Several charity organization not only accept car donation but also accept truck donation. Usually in the process, they sell the car donation to get cash and issued a tax receipt according the amount of the car donation value to you. But some Charity in Madison accept cars donation directly.

Local Charity in Madison, Wisconsin

There are several local charity that accept car donation directly. You can find local charity by looking them in the phone book or in internet.

These are several Madison Charities that accept cars donation

St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic Organization that provides services to the needy. The Dane County Habitat for Humanity, The Madison Chapter of a National Charity that builds a house for less fortunate families, they are provides shelter and safe place for them. Choose your favorite charity in Madison and give them a call to ask whether they accept car donation or junk car donation. Give them information about your car, such as model, year and condition, including the name on the title. Some Charity in Madison will share this information in online but others charity need you to call them directly.
Donate a car for college

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After you have chosen your favorite charity then make an arrangement for pick up your cars donation. Most of the charity has flexible time to pick up, just give them your address and a time, and someone from the charity will come to pick up your car donation. If your home in rural area, you might need to bring your car to the nearest pick up location.

Car donation broker or Agencies.
In the web you can find car donation broker. Such as Vehicle Donation Agency. These agency has a number nonprofit organization in their network. Vehicle Donation is act as intermediaries between Charity organization and someone who want to donate a car. They will auction off your car donation and keep a portion of the revenue as fee and donate the rest to your favorite charity. Examples of the third party organization are, Check their website regularly to know the term and rule.

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After you log on their website, choose Madison or Dane County as your location. Usually in their website provide search function or drop down menu so you can choose the state that you want to donate a car.
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Then after you choose location, continue to choose your charity. Their website will give you a lot's of charity that you can pick. Then fill up your car information. You must include all the information about your car. After several days, someone from their organization will pick up your car donation.

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