12,000 pets are been killed everyday in USA

Do you know each day in USA, there are 12,000 homeless pets  that will be euthanized. And each year, around 4,000 animals are euthanized in Lee County. That's way ARC or Animal Refuge Center wants to help these poors pets. ARC or Animal Refuge Center has a purpose to promoting the adoption of spayed or neutered pets into responsible homes, to give education to community and public awareness as to the needs and care of animals, provide a shelter and medical center to homeless pets, injured pet or abandoned, to give advocacy program on behalf of animals and pet owner in the community and the big point is to uphold the philosophy of non euthanasia of any healthy animals accepted to the shelter.

 This organization can't survive without your donation. Through people donation, ARC or Animal Refuge Center has cared and found homes for thousands of animals, their doing this since 20 years ago. The good things is if you had a car that you want to replace with the new one, but you don’t know how to get rid your old car, you can donate your car to this organization. with your car donation, you will save a thousand abandon or homeless animals. Image thousand smile from animal that you have helped.

Flashback to the history of Animal Refuge Center

In 1988, some group who care to the animal has same goals for creating positive solutions to pet. By starting on a small scale, ARC was success to vaccinating and worming pets at the most inexpensive clinics. Has the reputation grow, ARC begin to give educational and visited at public schools with programs on responsible pet ownership.

Now, ARC has received lots of award because their effort to save animals. ARC have an active humane education program in both school, public and private of Lee County.

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